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Now, people who get hurt in on the job accidents often sustain spinal injury, as well as folks who get injured in an auto accident. But, because of having to wait for payment and the paperwork in these cases, many doctors no longer accept these sorts of cases. This is not the case with BAKER CHIROPRACTIC, PA of LONGVIEW Texas, nor of Doctor John Baker, the owner of BAKER CHIROPRACTIC. We believe that when folks are injured, through no fault of their own, they deserve not just care, but the best care they can get. We continue to accept new patients, including but not limited to, those injured in car wrecks / auto accident, or in workers compensation / on the job injury cases, where the injured was not at fault, and we accept these on a case by case basis (meaning we do not accept ALL cases).

So, whether you are hurt on the job, hurt in a wreck, or just hurting and don't know why, please consider the Spine Specialist, and staff at BAKER CHIROPRACTIC, PA for your spinal injury needs, without drugs, without surgery.

Please watch the following videos :


WHAT IS A " SPINE SPECIALIST" ?  A spine specialist, as the name implies, is one who
specializes in the spine, and particularly, in the treatment of dysfunctions of the spine. There are many various health professionals who treat spinal problems, and for our discussion, the main way of dividing them is those who treat spinal problems using surgery / surgical intervention, and those who treat spinal problems WITHOUT surgery. In the first group, we place neurosurgeons. These talented and trained doctors get years of specialized training in operating on the spine and the central nervous system in general. There are also orthopaedic (sometimes spelled "orthopedic", though orthopaedic is preferred) surgeons who undertake spinal surgery. I personally believe that orthopaedic surgeons should leave spinal and CNS surgery to neurosurgeons, and when I refer a patient out for spinal surgery, it is always to a neurosurgeon, and then, to the best I can find for the patient.

Then, in the non-surgical class, often referred to as "conservative", a term having nothing to do with politics in this context, we have other professionals such as Physiatrists and Chiropractic Doctors. Physiatrists are usually MDs or DOs who have training in treating spinal problems using injections, drugs, and other methods, short of doing surgery. Another term for the practice of Physiatry is "physical medicine" . More on physiatry, here.

Then, there are Chiropractic Doctors. By training, education, and orientation, they are indeed "spine specialists" and since they do not do surgery, they are conservative spine specialists. But, they are further differentiated by the fact that, unlike physiatrists who use drugs and injections, Chiropractic Doctors have chosen more of a natural, holistic method which , like physiatrists, utilizes physical therapy, rehabilitative exercises, but, the Chiropractic spine specialist, does not prescribe drugs nor, does he or she do injections. The primary technique of the Chiropractic doctor is the use of the Chiropractic manipulation, which can be applied to the spinal area, or, to correct problems in function and alignment with the extremities.

The name of the Chiropractic manipulation is called a "Chiropractic adjustment". In technique and application it is different from an osteopathic manipulation, and from a "general mobilization of the spine" which some other professionals, but not always doctors, perform. The specificity, the amplitude and velocity of the thrust, is unique to the art and science of Chiropractic.

Of course, the secret to proper treatment of spinal problems is a good diagnosis, meaning, the proper diagnosis. This is the result of several things. A good history must be taken, proper visual and digital inspection of the area(s) involved, and, orthopaedic and neurological tests must be performed. After all this, it may be necessary to perform imaging of some sort. The most basic is the x-ray of the spine (or extremity). Others which may be necessary may include things like the CT (formerly known as the CAT scan) or Computer assisted Axial Tomography. Also, especially for disc and soft tissue in general, the MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging may be necessary. There are also more invasive techniques such as the arthrogram or myelogram or discogram.

Doctor John Raymond Baker D.C. explains
what a discogram is :





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